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FFVII - That Left Unspoken
That Left Unspoken
"Hey, Cloud."
His head was tilted to the side as he stared vacantly out the window and towards the sea.  The gritty glass tarnished any sunlight that burst through, smeared with dusty, Windex crusted grime.  From the view of the doorway, the dying day's lackluster glow fell precisely over Cloud's glassy eyes, allowing a sharp white glare to blossom across them.
It was difficult to comprehend that someone who seemed so strong could be reduced to so little.
The mashed peaches sloshed within their bent up, plastic container as Tifa stepped inside, approaching the stagnant man in his wheelchair.  She purposely stepped on the fourth floorboard to alert Cloud of her presence.  It groaned like a wounded whale.
He didn't respond with so much as a startled blink.
Tifa sighed wearily, thrust aside and condemned.  Tonight would not be a good night.
"Hope you're hungry for peaches, bud, 'cause that's tonight's menu," she said with a hint of dry amusement as she set the ja
:iconribbedshirt:RibbedShirt 14 10
FF7- Saving What Used to Be Me by animetayl FF7- Saving What Used to Be Me :iconanimetayl:animetayl 264 93 Clouded Judgement by Inyuo Clouded Judgement :iconinyuo:Inyuo 2,231 206
the razing of nibelheim
The smell of smoke. Thoughts of fire filled Cloud's mind, and he rose, instantly awake. Afraid of what he would see, he looked out of the window of his hillside mansion, and the inferno that was Nibelheim reflected in his mako-green eyes.
      He sprinted out of the front door, and down the path to town, strapping on his broad sword as he went. He reached the town wall within minutes, and the normally guarded gates hung in ruins. Deserted. He choked as smoke enveloped him, and wrapped a scarf around his face to protect it from the intense heat. He started running through the burning streets, searching for anybody as smoke made his eye's water.
     Suddenly, a building beside him collapsed as the fire ate through the timber frame, and he was forced to dive to the side to avoid being crushed. He shielded his face with his arms as he was showered in sparks. He scrambled to his feet, putting out glowing embers on his clothes, and his
:icondarkflare666:darkflare666 3 2
Summer Shudder
The sounds of battle met my ears, and I was scared. Not for myself, no; what was happening with Zack? Where was he? What was happening? Not only was he possibly my only hope to survive long enough to get back to Midgar, but he was my best friend. My only friend. I didn’t know what I would do if he…
I fought against the haze in my brain, the fog caused by the mako. I was such a wimp. I couldn’t even handle mako addiction, and Zack was probably fighting for his life. If only I were SOLDIER. If only…
Somehow, I fought up the strength to slowly move from where I was slumped against a rock face. I started dragging myself pointlessly, almost mindlessly across the ground, crawling towards the fight, where Zack was surely fighting for his life. I had to do something. I had to help him. I had to. I owed him so much. I had to try.
Then, as the sky darkened, a barrage of gunfire resounded around me, and I panicked as I heard an all-too-familiar cry of pain. No. He wasn’t
:iconxxsweet-nightmarexx:XxSweet-NightmarexX 6 8
Final Fantasy VII: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
     "Midgar is so cold on nights like this," she observed, kneeling beside a Mako furnace in the alley beside Goblin's Bar, in the entertainment block of Sector 8's plate.  She was chilly, in her short-sleeved demi-jacket, but despite the cool air she was smiling.  It was already spring, and her flowers were blooming again down in the church in Sector 5.  Her flowers were the only plants that flourished in Midgar.  Even in the homes of the wealthy, real live plants did not last long.  Midgar was a place of people and machines.  The rats in the slums could not outnumber the human populace of this megalopolis.
     She stood, her hands still clasped together for warmth, the basket hanging from the crook of her arm bouncing gently against her hip.  Midgar was full of people, and if she was lucky tonight, a few of them might see the value in the rare beauty of
:iconmegamijadeheart:MegamiJadeheart 31 72
The Moonlight's Laments
I dragged her inside the chamber, watching her chest beat up and down, slowly. It got slower each time I looked back at her. Her plain white tee shirt was covered in blood. My blood, their blood… and even worse, her blood. When I finally got her over my shoulder, the cold stillness ran through my body. A chill went down my spine, my eyes welled up.
“He couldn’t leave us be, could he Bells? And now look what his jealousy has done.” All I wanted to do was hold her. Clutching her tighter to my chest, I ran up the dark stairwell. “They’ll never get us here.”
The stairs seemed almost endless. The weight of the world faded a moment ago, when her warm blood danced with that of mine, that was truly much hotter. I could hear her cry, plead, moan from the pain when they got a hold of her, yet now she was extraordinarily silent. It had me extremely concerned. My brain had froze. “What does one bite do?”
I remembered it all so vividly… I was holdin
:iconjacquelinekaychan:jacquelinekaychan 14 54
How to deal...1 +DH Spoilers+ by xanykaos How to deal...1 +DH Spoilers+ :iconxanykaos:xanykaos 2,019 488 Listen Ear comic+DH Spoilers+ by xanykaos Listen Ear comic+DH Spoilers+ :iconxanykaos:xanykaos 1,835 301 will yo......... by SpellCasting will yo......... :iconspellcasting:SpellCasting 24 5 Lost - Don't Do Drugs by shinga Lost - Don't Do Drugs :iconshinga:shinga 4,583 1,049 Candy Mountain, Charlie by Twisted-Thorn-Asylum Candy Mountain, Charlie :icontwisted-thorn-asylum:Twisted-Thorn-Asylum 225 66 hermione has issues by makani hermione has issues :iconmakani:makani 14,681 1,613 Rediculously Cool People by Leaviel Rediculously Cool People :iconleaviel:Leaviel 5 19



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Personal Quote: "My name is Michael J. Caboose. and I HATE BABIES!!" -Caboose, Red vs. Blue
wow, i havent been on for a loooong time. I got really busy with College there for a while and drawing and reading was just not an option. Buuuuut now I'm on Christmas break so I have plenty of time to do these things! (although, I really haven't...) But i did get an xbox 360, and I've played through halo and halo 2 so far, and I've got to say, its gotta be the coolest video game series ever. The story line is awesome, playing on xbox live is SO fun, and its just entertaining in general. i did take the time to sit down and read all 3 of the Halo book series, and they were very interesting. I liked it cuz it actually explains what John looks like, instead of waiting thoughout the entire game for him to take his helmet off lol! I'm gonna try to start drawing a little more, maybe reverting back to my F&G obsession, but I dunno. We'll see. I go through obsessions like I change my clothes. Ok, so not that much. Anyways... I'm out! Check out my new pics!
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